Gning in? viagra cost Why should isign up for webmd? viagra without prescription With a webmd account you can: track your way to weight loss success manage your family's vaccinations join the conversation see more benefits sign up why webmd? My webmd show menu my tools my webmd pages my account sign out facebook twitter pinterest webmd home incontinence & overactive bladder health center slideshows a-z email a friend print article urinary incontinence slideshow: foods and drinks that make you gotta go loading next slideshow too much fluid sure, you need to stay hydrated to keep your body healthy. But drinking too much water -- or any other fluid -- could mean more trips to the bathroom if you've got urinary urge incontinence related to overactive bladder (oab). Your healthcare provider can bestâ  advise you on what amount is appropriate for you. And drink most of those fluids during the daytime; limit your fluid intake in the evening so you don't have to get up at night to go to the bathroom. viagra women herbalife Too little fluid skimping on fluids might seem like it would help curb urinary urge incontinence, but this strategy can backfire by irritating the bladder and promoting infection. buy cheap viagra australia How much water should you drink? Some experts recommend drinking about six to eight glasses of water per day. You also get about 20% of your total water intake from food. buy viagra Alcoholic beverages beer, wine, or liquor -- in any form, alcohol is dehydrating. But it dehydrates by increasing the amount of urine -- which means more bathroom visits when you drink alcoholic beverages. Alcohol also interferes with brain signals to the bladder about when to release urine. So if you have urinary "urge incontinence," also called overactive bladder (oab), you may want to cut down on or eliminate alcohol. Coffee, tea, energy drinks, colas caffeine can also stimulate the bladder and act as a diuretic, causing you to produce more urine. Drinking less -- or no -- caffeinated beverages could help you control an overactive bladder, but you might not have to quit coffee, tea, energy drinks, or colas cold turkey. best site to buy viagra Try switching to decaf beverages, low-acid coffees, and non-citrus herbal teas. Chocolate has caffeine, too chocolate is another caffeine source -- and unfortunately there's no decaf version. generic viagra Can't give up chocolate? viagra online You may not have to. Along with cutting back or avoiding chocolate late in the evening, try switching to chocolate with less caffeine, like white chocolate. viagra women herbalife Acids: citrus fruits and juices cit. natural viagra alternative