American journal of roentgenology skip to main page content home current issue archive contact subscribe alerts help search go advanced search â» user name password sign in american roentgen ray society late pulmonary metastases from hemangiopericytoma of the mandible unusual findings on ct and mr imaging james g. Ravenel 1 and philip c. 1st time using viagra Goodman 1 both authors: department of radiology, box 3808, duke university medical center, durham, nc 27710. viagra use elderly â  next section hemangiopericytomas are unusual vascular tumors that originate from the pericytes located just outside the capillary walls. Hemangiopericytomas have features that may pathologically resemble soft-tissue sarcomas, hemangiomas, and glomus tumors. best place to buy generic viagra forum Hemangiopericytomas were first described as a unique entity by stout and murray in 1942 [1]. Behavior is variable, and these tumors can metastasize early or late. 1st time using viagra We recently encountered a hemangiopericytoma metastatic to the lungs 20 years after its initial resection from the mandible. cheap generic viagra This particular tumor contained large vascular spaces, a feature described pathologically but, to our knowledge, not previously seen on ct or mr imaging. We review the characteristics and imaging features of this rare tumor. buy cheap viagra Previous section next section case report a 58-year-old woman presented with a chronic cough that had been worsening for more than 1 year. viagra online She had originally been diagnosed with a hemangiopericytoma of the mandible 20 years earlier. At that time, she was treated initially with local resection, but recurrent disease required five additional operations, culminating in a mandibulectomy and reconstruction 17 years before her current physician visit. Until the cough developed, she had no interval medical problems. cheap viagra online When symptoms did not improve, chest radiography and subsequent contrast-enhanced ct revealed multiple pulmonary nodules and masses (fig. 1a). The largest mass, in the right lower lobe, measured 10 cm and had large enhancing vessels centrally revealed on ct (fig. 1b). viagra mail order At mr imaging, the mass was similar in signal intensity to muscle on t1-weighted images and showed increased signal intensity on. 1st time using viagra